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Hi, I'm Vivien Tse.

I help real estate brokerages, teams, agencies and realtors looking to unlock an extra 3 deals this month. Pay only after closing.

Vivien Tse, Ambigrowth, Real Estate Lead Conversion System

The Results You Can Expect

Up to 23% Increase in Meaningful Conversations

With this system, you will get your prospects to like, know and trust you before you speak with them, so more prospects will be attracted to have more meaningful conversations with you.

Up to 3 Extra Deals a Month

Your prospects often get contacted by multiple realtors at the same time. With this system, your prospects will see your as unique and knowledgeable, so you will become their one and only choice.

This works even if you have ads, ISA, doing cold emails or working with a digital marketing agency!

Pay After Closing

Only pay me after you close a deal. If my system doesn't get you results, you don't pay.

What Problems

I Help You Solve

  • No Time to Follow Up

You or your team are too busy closing deals, dealing with paperwork or even showings, you don't have time to follow up so your leads don't hear from you for a while and forget about you.

  • Leads Not Turning Into Meaningful Conversations

Your leads either don't respond, don't pick up your calls, or finds you pushy. They don't have meaningful conversations with you.

  • You have many other competitors contacting the same leads

Your leads get contacted by other realtors, so they get bombarded by different calls and messages. They don't see why they should speak with you when they have many options.

  • Your Appointments Don't Turn Into Deals

You spend time meeting with prospects, but they end up closing deals with other realtors, taking all your credit.

  • Your Leads Don't Feel The Urgency To Close Deals

Your leads don't feel the urgency to contact you or close a deal.

Conversion For Real Estate, Vivien Tse, Ambigrowth
Vivien Tse, Ambigrowth, Convert real estate leads to deals
  • You Spend Time Speaking 1-to-1 With Bad Leads

You're wasting time speaking to leads that are not qualified, e.g. no finances, wrong location.

  • Can't Respond Within The First 5 Minutes

Research shows that the optimal time to contact a new lead is within 5 minutes of input. (this is substantiated by an industry expert, Brian Icenhower). Any leads that are left for longer than 5 minutes see a decrease in 80% for lead qualification. For busy teams and realtors like you, you find it impossible to connect within the first 5 minutes when every lead comes in.

  • You're Trying to Start or Scale Your Team

You don't have a system for your team to consistently convert leads into deals.

  • You Use Free Follow Up Templates 

We love free templates. Popular CRMs like FollowUp Boss and kvCORE also provide free templates. However, these templates are 1 size fits all, so your leads can't differentiate between you and your competitors.

  • Your follow ups are pushy

According to research, 98% of prospects are not actively looking to close a deal at any point in time, so pushy messages don't work. Leads don't respond, ignore your salesy follow ups and don't want to have meaningful conversations with you.

  • Prospects Don't Want to Close Deals Due to Interest Rate Hikes

Your leads want to wait it out because of the interest rate hike. They keep thinking that they'll get a better deal later, but you think that's just a misconception.

Latest Wins From Some Of Our Best Clients

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Disclaimer: All testimonials on this page are from real clients. The results you see on this page are not typical. Their experiences do not guarantee similar results. Individual results may vary based on your skills, experience, motivation, as well as other unforeseen factors. 

Chris Anastasio, Tax Relief Street

We helped Chris generate up to 15 sales appointments per week for his tax consultancy. He generated approx $35,000 in service fees.

Christian D-Evans, Elite Side Hustler

We helped Christian after his Facebook Account got shutdown. He launched his YouTube Ads and scaled up to $126,000 per month at a 7x ROAS!

Grant Gaudes, Canadian Agri Tech

We helped Grant launch his very 1st YouTube Ad campaign shot from his backyard. He went on to hit $171,000 per month in high ticket sales!

Sameem Rouhani, Fitness Business Mentors

We helped finally break past $80,000 per month and hit $300,000 per month. He was happy to no longer rely on Facebook Ad or group marketing.

Rick Friesen, Contractor Convergence

We helped Rick and his partners escape the slow and expensive Facebook Ads rollercoaster. They scaled to $500,000 in 4 months.

John Reh, Likeableagent

John was already running YouTube Ads to get clients but they weren't converting. We helped him get his cost per call down to $15!

Let Me Help You Install the Real Estate Lead Conversion System, and Unlock 3 Extra Deals a Month

I'll help you install the system to your existing CRM (e.g. Followup Boss, kvCORE, and more), so that you convert more leads into deals - guaranteed or I'll work with you free until you do.

*Earnings and income representations made by Vivien Tse, Ambigrowth,, and their advertisers/sponsors (collectively, "Ambigrowth") are aspirational statements only of your earnings potential. These results are not typical and results will vary. The results on this page are OUR results and from years of testing. We can in NO way guarantee you will get similar results.

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